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The use of digital technology in marketing has risen considerably in recent years. You only need to look around you to see advances in immersive and responsive website design, e-commerce, video marketing, wearable tech and mobile commerce. But how does integrating digital technology into your marketing add value?

The evolution of technology within the marketing space is shaping how your customers behave and interact with your brand. Customers are becoming more savvy and clued-up to your marketing messages, so understanding customer needs and behaviours is key for success. There are many ways that businesses like yours can use technology to capitalise on customer and consumer needs and customise your offering to make that all important bottom-line impact.

Here’s how you can use technology to add value:

Improve Customer Service

Technological advancements in customer service, such as improved use of digital channels like social media, are leading to heightened consumer expectations and higher standards. Companies that use social media technology well, are those that focus on the happiness and well-being of their customers, and ultimately this is reflected in their profits.

Channels like Twitter are being used to respond to potential PR issues that are quickly resolved before they turn into public disasters! Companies are monitoring social networks such as Facebook to turn customer care problems into opportunities to impress their customers with sheer speed of their response…

Personalised Customer Experiences

Over the last four years, responsive web design has been gaining popularity and is now considered to be one of the best ways to design websites that look great on any device, from smartphones to tablets and smart TV’s. Not only that, but improvements to e-commerce websites and services such as rotating, interactive product displays and dynamic personalisation are enabling businesses and online retailers to deliver an online experience more aligned with consumer preferences. This has been seen in recent years by retailers to deliver an online experience more aligned with consumer preferences. This has been seen in recent years by retailers like Amazon who provide a highly personalised online experience, making the online shopping process as easy and intuitive as possible:

Value-Added Services

When companies offer value- added services, they are more likely to cultivate strong customer loyalty providing a competitive advantage. Using modern technology, the IKEA catalogue uses its mobile app to provide added services with an augmented reality feature to give their customers a virtual preview of furniture in a room, allowing for a “digital test-run” of sorts!

The Wearable Revolution

pic3Not simply the imagination of 1980’s film makers, “wearable tech” is actually a reality and has taken 2014 by storm – it’s said to be a “new generation of technology” that will be as “big as the smart phone”. Google Glass was the beginning of the phenomenon, next came smart watches and bracelets such as the Sony SmartWatch. “Using wearable tech could mean customers receive a high-tech and personalised customer service” says our MD Darren, who adds that these devices can become “part of the customer experiene – it’s a great way to engage them in a new and interesting way”.

How to introduce digital technology into your marketing and customer experience

“The best starting point lies in delivering information and services that help customers make smarter buying decisions,” says our Marketing Manager Hannah “Any new technology must fit with your brand and marketing objectives and not be used for technology’s sake. It needs to add value to customers and be commercially viable. Don’t just jump on the tech bandwagon – make sure it aligns with your strategy!” adds Hannah.

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